Car Magnets
Magnetic Signs are a great way to advertise your business and can be quickly removed making them ideal for any business. If you use your vehicle for business and pleasure then magnetic signs are just for you because they're not a permanent fixture to a vehicle. You have them only when you want them on! We only use Vehicle Grade 0.85mm thick magnetic sheet for our magnetic signs. This material gives a very high magnetic pull meaning you don't lose your magnetic signs as you're driving down the road. Our magnetic signs can be manufactured in fitting :-
1) Ensure that the surface that you intend to fix the magnetic sign to is clean and dry.
2) Ensure that the magnetic sign is in 100% contact with the bodywork that you're fixing it to.
Magnetic signs can be lost in transit because they're not correctly fitted. Follow our two pointers here and you'll never lose your signs!
Car Magnets Sizes:
Car Magnets Design:
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